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Partnership Announced to Increase Real-Time Production

Nahsua, NH –  Datanomix and Caron Engineering have announced a partnership to jointly develop data-driven solutions that leverage the companies’ manufacturing domain expertise in real-time production monitoring and machine tool optimization.

This integration adds a new dashboard in the Datanomix platform that aggregates and displays the metrics for all Caron devices deployed in a factory. This will allow a single visualization for the job performance data from Caron Engineering’s adaptive tool monitoring system, TMAC, helping accelerate continuous improvement efforts across all jobs.

The data generated by today’s manufacturing machines offers opportunities to drive production insights, and Datanomix is using advanced analytics and machine learning to empower manufacturers to understand the state of their production in real time. Caron Engineering uses advanced sensors and signal processing techniques to improve machine performance, optimizing how CNC machines produce parts and measure tool usage to track tool wear and prevent costly repairs. This partnership and its resulting technology will help manufacturers proactively optimize whole-factory performance and profitability.

Existing customers for both companies will have the opportunity to purchase these software tools through existing sales channels. The companies have worked out a reciprocal support network to route customer requests to the technical experts at each company providing quality in their support experience.