Osborn Triangle and Life Time Center Achieve Fitwel Ratings

Boston – The Bulfinch Companies, Inc. (Bulfinch) and Harrison Street announced buildings at 610 Main St., 700 Main St., and 1 Portland St. within the Osborn Triangle in Cambridge, Mass., as well as Life Time Center in Chestnut Hill, Mass., were awarded Fitwel ratings in recognition of evidence-based design and operations strategies that support the physical, mental, and social health of occupants.

Created by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and General Services Administration, Fitwel is now operated by The Center for Active Design. The Fitwel Certification Team assesses projects and then develops a numerical score across 12 categories–location, building access, outdoor spaces, entrances and ground floor, stairs, indoor environment, workspaces, shared spaces, water supply, prepared food areas, vending machines and snack bars, and emergency preparedness–then giving a property a one-, two-, or three-star rating.

Osborn Triangle and Life Time Center join buildings from around the world as part of Fitwel, the leading certification system that optimizes buildings to support the health of its occupants. With only four other completed buildings in Cambridge having achieved a two star or above rating from Fitwel, the Osborn Triangle buildings are helping to champion a new wave of human-health focused buildings.

Bulfinch is the property manager for the Osborn Triangle complex, which spans three addresses–610 Main Street, 1 Portland Street, and 700 Main Street for a combined 677,000sf, alongside a 650-space parking garage.