Life Science

Oncovision Expands into Cambridge

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — Oncovision, an innovative medical imaging technology company from Valencia, Spain, announced the opening of its U.S. subsidiary,Oncovision, Inc., located in Boston.  Oncovision plans to hire 4 to 5 employees in Boston by the end of 2014, and to open a manufacturing facility in 2015.

“Thanks to our growth strategy of investing in education, innovation and infrastructure, Massachusetts continues to lead the world in life sciences,” said Governor Deval Patrick. “We welcome Oncovision to Massachusetts and look forward to their contributions to our thriving life sciences community.”

A spin-off of the prestigious Institute for Research on Molecular Imaging I3M (National Council for Scientific Research + Polytechnical University of Valencia), Oncovision has developed and manufactured three ground-breaking product lines that have received numerous awards:

1.     Sentinella, for real-time imaging of tumors and lymph nodes in the operating room

2.     Albira, a revolutionary PET, SPECT, CT imaging device for animal research, in alliance with Billerica, Massachusetts based Bruker Corporation.

3.     MammiPET, the highest resolution molecular imaging system in the world for breast cancer. This technology – dedicated Breast PET- comes on the market at a time when current breast imaging modalities are being scrutinized  as to their efficacy, and specialists are talking more and more about the benefits of complementing today’s “anatomical imaging” with “molecular imaging” of the breast, which is precisely what Oncovision’s technology does best.

“We’re convinced that our technology will make a significant contribution in helping U.S. medical professionals and patients in fighting and defeating more and more types of cancer,” said Oncovision President Noriel Pavon.

“We are excited to be established in Boston,” said Pavon, “the world-renowned medical community, the cluster of med-tech companies and the concentration of highly skilled and talented people will be ideal for us to forge partnerships that will help us grow our business in the U.S. market and the world.  For us, it is a decisive step in the expansion of our company.”

“On behalf of the Center, I would like to extend our warmest congratulations to the team at Oncovision  as they open their U.S. enterprise here in Massachusetts,” said Susan Windham-Bannister, Ph.D., President & CEO of the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center, the agency charged with implementing Governor Patrick’s 10-year, $1 billion Life Sciences Initiative. “The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has one of the strongest concentrations of med-tech talent in the world, and Oncovision is a welcome addition to our life sciences community.  We are thrilled that the Oncovision team has chosen Massachusetts and look forward to partnering with them as they grow their business in Massachusetts.”

Oncovision worked closely with the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center as they developed their plans for their first U.S. office.