Office Building Transformed into High School in Providence

Common area

Providence, RI – Pariseault Builders recently completed a new high school for Achievement First, a charter system that operates 41 schools across Rhode Island, New York, and Connecticut. This is the first new high school building in Rhode Island for Achievement First and will accommodate up to 700 students in grades 9-11.

In 2022, Achievement First engaged Pariseault Builders and Kaestle Boos Architects to provide critical project information and preconstruction guidance on the project. The design and construction needed to be in strict compliance with Rhode Island Department of Education processes and procedures as well as adhere to sustainability requirements from Northeast Collaborative for High Performance Schools.

Main entry

The 75,000sf building at 206 Elmwood Avenue was previously an office for the Rhode Island Department of Human Services, and has undergone a full interior renovation, building envelope improvements, system upgrades and site work. Completed spaces include classrooms, offices, gymnasium, library, cafeteria, and an auditorium space for performances.

The project included unforeseen conditions and lead time issues lingering from the pandemic, and the project team needed to come together to efficiently solve problems and push the project forward. “The first day of school isn’t really something that’s negotiable,” said Senior Project Manager Nicole Blais. “I have to hand it to my entire team on this one, especially PM Aaron Hoydich and Superintendent Kurt Bonn. Without their do-whatever-it-takes mentality, the students and teachers may have shown up without a classroom to learn in. Instead, the renovations came out beautifully and the kids were able to enjoy their new building on the first day of school in August.”