Nick Cassaro Joins Structure Tone

Nick Cassaro

Boston –  Construction management firm Structure Tone has added Nick Cassaro to its team as senior project manager to help the firm continue to develop its work in the life sciences sector.

He has spent nearly a decade working on construction projects for healthcare and life sciences organizations. His projects include full-scale campus developments, complex lab renovations and expansions, manufacturing facilities, process development labs, infrastructure upgrades, and pilot-scale lab and manufacturing. He has also assisted clients in developing systematic expansions, site selections, base building life science readiness, and facility standards.

Structure Tone Boston has been working with life sciences and research institutions for several years, including building spaces for Biogen, Bristol Myers-Squibb, Alexion, WuXi Apptec, and Novartis. Cassaro will join the team to help expand that work further within the Boston area’s life sciences market.

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