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NHPF Acquires Funding for Affordable Housing

New Haven, CT – The NHP Foundation (NHPF), in collaboration with the City of New Haven and WRSHIP, announces the acquisition of funding to create a townhome development containing 56 rental apartments along with a clubhouse community center, coffee shop/bakery, interior parking, playground, and a community gazebo in a neighborhood with nearby public transportation, grocery and other retail, schools, recreational areas and daycare. The New Haven United Nations International Peace Garden is adjacent to the new housing and shall remain onsite.

The MLK Boulevard/Tyler Street Family Housing development, located in the West River neighborhood and consisting of rental townhomes, is designed to serve households earning 30%, 50%, and 60% AMI and also contains market rate rental units to create a mixed-income community. The proposed development has been designed to achieve certification with Passive House Design standards for energy efficiency and conservation of resources.

WRSHIP, incorporated in 2001, is the New Haven “SHIP” (self-help investment plan) of a national movement active since the 1960s and organized by African-Americans, who pooled resources to undertake development in their communities, not having been able to gain access to capital through traditional banks and financiers.

“The project represents the first new housing to be constructed on a vast stretch of land in New Haven that has been vacant for over four decades,” said Anthony Dawson, president of WRSHIP. “It is also a major step for the inclusion of New Haven’s African American community in major economic endeavors.”

The project was made possible via NHPF’s Affiliate Program which provides expertise to mission aligned affordable housing developers/owners and municipal and community organizations in need of resources to renovate existing assets or to develop new properties. NHPF has developed 13 affordable housing communities via the Affiliate Program, with the New Haven development becoming its first in Connecticut.