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New Technology Launched for Remote Communication

National – At a time when remote and virtual technologies are in strong demand due to the current public health and safety concerns for employees, RHUB Communications, Inc., a tech organization who has been providing web/video/audio conferencing and remote support technologies for over 15 years, announced the launch of its new RemoteHand solution.

RemoteHand has the unique ability to significantly enhance communications during remote support calls between service reps who are out in the field working on repair issues, as they try to relay critical details to their tech experts located back at the home office.

With RemoteHand, field teams are not only able to use their smartphones to show HD quality video of the equipment being serviced, but they can also use a drawing tool directly on the live video feed to make clear annotations, circles, drawings or to pinpoint the exact area needing repair (the office reps can even draw back). This unique feature greatly empowers in-office staff with the ability to more clearly hone-in on the repair that’s taking place in the field so solutions can be easily identified and the problem be fixed quickly.

RemoteHand also allows workers to maintain social distancing as tech reps can work from the safety of their office or their home, as they assist their teams out in the field by using this “contactless” remote technology to service and repair jobs on residential or commercial work sites. The solution also empowers companies to still get the job done while sending out fewer workers in the field, thereby giving organizations the ability to further protect the health and wellness of their employees.

RemoteHand can be used across a variety of industries including manufacturing and construction; appliance, HVAC and plumbing; utilities; and field maintenance and repair.

The server can be powered by battery, and together with a WiFi router, can bring a team together to collaborate in fields like mining, construction, gas and oil, or electricity maintenance. Companies can also use a private cloud at their own data center to communicate with team members and customers via their computers and mobile devices.

RemoteHand operates through RHUB’s flagship product TurboMeeting 8.0, which is the latest version of the company’s web conferencing and remote support tool.