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New Mixed-Use Development for Cape Elizabeth

Rendering of Myerowitz mixed use development in Cape Elizabeth, Maine/WBRC

Rendering of the Myerowitz mixed use development in Cape Elizabeth, Maine / WBRC

Cape Elizabeth, ME – Cape Chiropractic and Acupuncture recently received unanimous approval from the Cape Elizabeth subdivision and planning board for a new mixed-use development within the Town Center. Owned by Dr. Zev Myerowitz Jr. and his wife, Amber Myerowitz, the two-building, three-story facility will house offices on the ground level and 10 townhouse-style market-rate apartments above.

Site plan for complex, which includes townhouse apartments and healthcare offices/WBRC

Site plan for complex, which includes townhouse apartments and healthcare offices / WBRC

The buildings, connected by a covered pedestrian walkway, will be the home of 3,789sf offices for Cape Chiropractic and Acupuncture. The ground level will also include a second 2,416sf office suite, available for either expansion or for lease by another similar business. The owners plan to live in one of the 10 townhouse apartments.

The project, located on 12 Hill Way, is the first multifamily housing development in Cape Elizabeth in about a decade, and will bring needed housing options to the area.

Designed by architects Will Pogar and Jocelyn Boothe of WBRC Architects Engineers, the facility evokes a coastal New England feel with craftsman style and detailing. The mixed-use building was a collaboration between WBRC’s commercial and healthcare design studios. “It is a type of project we expect to see more of,” Pogar says, citing Maine’s recent growth patterns and market demands in Southern Maine.


Rob Frank, WBRC’s principal-in- charge of permitting the project, agrees. “When we first spoke with Amber and Dr. Zev about their plans to build in the Town Center, I was immediately impressed by their clear vision and commitment to their patients and the community,” he says. “The project team worked hard to create a design that works for all parties, so having the board unanimously approve this project is extremely gratifying.”

WBRC’s careful site design was key to the plan’s acceptance. The approved plan needed to meet Town Center standards and also provide a pleasing vista, as it will be one of the first properties visitors see when entering Cape Elizabeth’s Town Center. The site design, by WBRC’s John Kenney, P.E. and Paul Brody, ASLA, works with the slope of the land and the placement of the buildings. The landscape will augment existing trees and native vegetation with regionally-appropriate plantings, complementing well-designed parking, porous pavement, fencing, lighting, and walkways.

Dr. Zev Myerowitz Jr. is the director of chiropractic services and specializes in sports performance, and is also a licensed acupuncturist. Amber Myerowitz is the director of acupuncture services and specializes in traditional Chinese medicine and is also a certified chiropractic assistant. With the town board’s recent approval, the couple can now move forward with construction, with an estimated completion date of Summer 2017. In addition to providing a new apartment home for themselves and nine other families, the project will enable Cape Chiropractic and Acupuncture to serve patients in a space more than triple the size of its current facility.