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New MIT Course Addresses Developing Health-Focused Communities

Cambridge, MA – A  groundbreaking new course delivered by MIT Professional Education, “Developing Health-Centered Communities: The Next Revolution in Real Estate,” brings together renowned faculty from the MIT Center for Real Estate and Harvard Medical School Executive Education (HMS).

With expert leaders in real estate, medicine, public health and technology, participants will explore innovative ways of adapting and developing urban spaces to support the health and well-being of the world’s growing aging population.

The course will take place April 13-17 on both the MIT and HMS campuses. Over the course of five days, participants will work alongside a select group of peers from across the globe and industries, taking part in project-based learning opportunities, site visits, health impact assessments and other activities. Guided by prominent faculty, physicians and planners, they’ll explore key topics inherent to creating a vibrant, health-centered community, such as:

  • Design principles of healthy neighborhoods: medical evidence about how communities and built environments can influence health and disease (e.g., through effects on mobility, social interaction, the chemical and microbial environment, etc.);
  • Economics of healthy communities: value proposition and ROI on a broad-scale, over time;
  • Responsive architecture and technologies that support children, the elderly and those with special needs;
  • Forces shaping the future of health care: economics, digital platforms, sensors, and artificial intelligence;
  • New models for health care delivery;
  • Start-ups focused on healthy communities and cities.

Lead instructors of the course include Professor Dennis Frenchman, director of the MIT Center for Real Estate in the School of Architecture and Planning, and Dr. Stanley Shaw, associate dean for executive education at Harvard Medical School. A long list of respected leaders in real estate and health arenas are expected to take part, including: Andy AltmanJoseph Allen, Wanda McClainMadhuri ReddyMaggie Super ChurchJ. Phillip Thompsonand more.

Registration for the course is now open. For more information or to enroll, visit the course page.

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