NeighborWorks Housing Solutions Hosts Application Event

Taunton, MA – NeighborWorks Housing Solutions held a free Taunton event offering in-person help in applying for RAFT/ERAP emergency housing assistance on Dec. 2, at Taunton City Hall.

Residential Assistance to Families in Transition (RAFT) and Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP) are programs that provide eligible households short-term financial assistance that is used to help them keep their housing, obtain new housing, pay their mortgage, or otherwise avoid becoming homeless. Households of any size and composition may be eligible for funding, and applicants do not need to be documented citizens to apply for assistance.

The event was open to tenants, landlords, homeowners and advocates. The staff assisted applicants in-person as they fill out an online application and answer any questions participants may have.

“Although we offer these services online, we know there is still a significant technology divide that impacts many.  Offering an in-person event allows us to meet people where they are, answer questions in real time, and help them apply for the assistance they need,” said Robert Corley, CEO of NeighborWorks Housing Solutions.  “We are grateful for our partnership with the Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development and the city of Taunton for helping to make this event possible.”