MorrisSwitzer Designs Two Health Centers in Oneid

Rendering of Oneida Nation Health Services Building

Rendering of Oneida Nation Health Services Building

Oneida, NY – The Dreamcatcher Plaza in Oneida, New York, will soon be home to two new outpatient clinics, both designed by MorrisSwitzer~Environments for Health. Opening in early 2016, the Oneida Nation Health Services building and the Basset Oneida Health Center will provide comprehensive care to the public as well as to Oneida Nation members, families, and employees. Totaling 24,000sf, both projects are adaptive reuse of retail facilities and were created to provide preventive care and convenient services in an accessible location.


The Oneida Nation will consolidate multiple healthcare services into this new space. Working closely with the Nation, the design focuses on a holistic approach, incorporating state-of-the-art medical services, education, and preventive care in one location. Primary care, dental care, behavioral health, and community health, as well as diabetes care and education will be located in this facility, which is designed to incorporate the values and symbols of the Oneida Nation.

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