Featured Women In Construction

MOCC Recognizes Outstanding Women

Liz O’Connor

For over four decades, M. O’Connor Contracting (MOCC) has been providing a variety of construction services including general contracting, pre-construction services, and cost estimating. MOCC has paved the way for women in construction since its inception in 1976. Opportunities, and a supportive network, have empowered the women of the firm to flourish in the industry.

In honor of Women in Construction Week, MOCC is proud to recognize its women team members who have played an integral role in the company’s success.

Krystal Burrows

Elizabeth O’Connor, CFO, graduate of Emmanuel College, has been the corporate clerk and controller of MOCC since its inception. She has been a strong role model and provides a welcoming, supportive environment for women in construction.

Krystal Burrows, VP of operations, joined MOCC in 2006, and in 2009 completed the construction project management program at Northeastern University. Keen attention to detail has contributed to her track record of consistent on time/on budget delivery regardless of project scale. Krystal’s project portfolio is a record of success and her experience in building and leading teams for all types of projects makes her an invaluable member of MOCCs team. Her successful track record of many years of managing large and complex construction projects in various market sectors has made her a trusted leader in the industry.

Siobhan Coffey

Siobhan Coffey, accounting manager, grew up with MOCC and began working at a young age in the front desk capacity. In 2015, she became office manager. Her accommodating attitude to go where needed, and her willingness to assist on project management to ensure that bids are prepared and presented on time, led her to taking over the accounting department in overseeing the commitment and budgeting concerns of every contract. Siobhan also actively works on the business development efforts to continue to ensure that her parents’ legacy continues well into the future.

Priscilla Silva

Priscilla Silva, project manager, a graduate of the University of Massachusetts, joined MOCC in 2015 and is a LEED Green Associate with extensive knowledge and understanding of green design, construction and operations. She took on the role of LEED coordinator for the Bridgewater Academy building project, which achieved LEED Silver certification. In 2018, Priscilla became a project manager and continues to put effort into growing relationships with owners, architects and subcontractors for successful projects.

Jennifer McGrath

Jennifer McGrath, assistant project manager, graduate of University of Massachusetts, has over 15 years of field experience in construction. Her hands-on field experience is a valuable asset in supporting project managers and site supervisors in all phases of construction projects. Jennifer completed the graduate certificate in accounting from Northeastern University in 2015, which has been an invaluable tool for further assisting in managing projects.

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