Milestone Completes Expansion at Rowland

Entrance view of Rowland’s new storage facility area and welcoming entrance / Photos courtesy of MIlestone Construction Services, LLC

Wallingford, CT – Milestone Construction Services recently announced the uninterrupted completion of additions and renovations for Rowland Technologies in Wallingford.

To accommodate Rowland’s growth and support efficiencies, the renovation in 2018 included improvements to 50,000sf of existing building area, which followed in 2019 with a 37,000sf expansion that included a new warehouse and offices.

The new warehouse maximizes the floor space with shelving that reaches nearly 30 feet.

Rowland Technologies is a specialty manufacturer of high-performance plastic films that are used in products such as passports, car dashboard components, signage, iPhone cases, and drum kits. The company’s unique process for creating these materials and proprietary in-house tooling techniques has them in high-demand and manufacturing 24/7 as they continually fulfill orders around the world.

“It was mission critical to their operations that during all phases of construction, their manufacturing could never be shut down. Because they operate on a 24/7 schedule, we worked closely with them to develop a logistical plan that would ensure interruptions to their work would never happen,” recalled Milestone president, Frank Ferraiolo.

Initial interior renovation work included polishing and finishing of concrete floors, building of concrete divider walls to match the perimeter walls, demoing ceilings, installing new HVAC systems, and updating the painting scheme. Upon completion, Milestone then began the warehouse/office addition that included new parking lots and landscape around the building. As the expansion was taking place, additional interior renovations continued to the existing warehouse’s maintenance and shipping area that included upgrading HVAC units and ducting in the extrusion area (Five AAON air handling units were installed on the roof).

Completed in the summer of 2021, the new entry and welcome areas of the building offer views of the surrounding landscape through floor to ceiling height windows. Daylight floods the corridors and conference rooms from skylights above, and a curved window wall along the offices connects the new expansion to the original building. The new warehouse maximizes the floor space with shelving that reaches nearly 30 feet. Electronic guidance technology keeps the forklifts accurately centered in the aisles and able to move materials throughout with ease and precision.

“When Covid-19 hit in February/March of 2020, we incorporated safety precautions provided by the State of Connecticut and the CDC, keeping employees and Rowland workers safe while the project moved forward and stayed on schedule,” said Ferraiolo, explaining how a slow-down was averted during the pandemic. “We even held a masked and socially distanced outdoor topping-off ceremony to celebrate having reached that milestone on-time.”