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Meridian to Renovate NH Army National Guard Barracks in Center Strafford

 Strafford, NH – The New Hampshire Army National Guard barracks in Center Strafford will receive a series of renovations this fall and winter, with work expected to be completed next spring.

Meridian Construction, selected by the state to handle the general contracting responsibilities for the project, will perform services that include renovations to the bathrooms, laundry room, boiler rooms and sleeping quarters of two separate structures in the facility. The two structures, called Upper Foss and Lower Foss, are 4,600 and 4,800sf in size, respectively, with total project costs estimated at $779,893.

The project will include demolition work, as well as modifications to the interior layout of the two structures. The layouts for the bathrooms and the laundry room will be modified, and both buildings will be equipped with new card / proxy reader security systems. New doors and frames will be installed within the new spaces, and the new bathroom layouts will include new plumbing and underslab drainage to the existing septic system.

Boiler room renovations will involve coordinating existing equipment with new mechanical equipment, and a new mechanical AC system will be installed along with required electrical work. Meridian will also maintain code require clearances.

Additional project-related work will include site construction, concrete, masonry, wood and plastics, thermal and moisture protection, finishes, specialties, and sewer and water connections.


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