MassDev Helps School Renovation

Renderings of renovated Thayer Academy

Braintree, MA – MassDevelopment has issued a $40,189,196.85 tax-exempt bond on behalf of the trustees of an independent co-ed school in Braintree serving students in grades 5-12.

Thayer Academy will use bond proceeds to renovate its middle school building, a plan that includes creating a new classroom for its recently added fifth grade class and constructing science laboratories, art, and music classrooms, and a large common space to facilitate collaborative learning. The school will also use bond proceeds to complete miscellaneous capital expenditures on campus and refinance previously issued debt. TD Bank purchased the bond.

“MassDevelopment is pleased to be a financing partner as Thayer Academy modernizes its middle school building to better meet the needs of its students,” said MassDevelopment president and CEO, Lauren Liss.

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