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Mass. Firm Launches Shared Space Division

Hanover, MA – Brookline Transportation, Inc. (BTI), a Mayflower Van Lines agent specializing in commercial, lab, medical, science and residential moves, recently started a shared space division to its arsenal of commercial moving offerings. The new division will have staff and resources specific to the shared space industries.

Part of that will be a retrofit of office space, providing workspace with proper social distance. Those services can also include the installation of shields on top of dividers to provide additional protection.

Many shared spaces will require downsizing within their current space or relocation to another physical location. For both scenarios, BTI provides decommissioning services that include removal of office furniture – desks, chairs, workstations, lamps, computers, printers, etc. Part of BTI’s decommissioning services includes contacting a network of non-profits to find a suitable donor/recipient. In some cases, this type of donation is tax deductible.

Furniture that can’t be donated requires specific steps for disposal. Depending on the item, that could involve separating the metal and pre-fabricated materials so recyclable pieces of the furniture can be properly recycled. For office furniture and most other types of office equipment that can’t be recycled, it must be taken to a licensed disposal facility.

BTI’s decommissioning services also include the coordination and pickup of computers and other pieces of hardware, software and electronics. This includes coordination and issuance of certificates of destruction for each piece.

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