Green Restoration/Renovation

LEED Silver Complex Renovation Completed

Boston – The G. Greene Team recently completed the second phase of a confidential client’s complex, multi-phase Electronic Systems Testing Facility Building, expansion and renovation project.

G. Greene has been on site for two years completing both phases of this project as well as other projects on the same campus. Phase 1 consisted of a new addition from the ground up to house conference rooms and offices for testing.

This phase also included extensive sitework to raise the road leading to the facility as well as underground utility installations. Recently completed Phase 2 was made up of renovations to the existing building that previously held the offices, moved in Phase 1. This phase had large amounts of HVAC and electrical changes that were done in coordination with the facility testing.

The project was awarded with LEED Silver certification. Key aspects to obtain Silver certification were constructibility, sourcing all materials used on the job from LEED certified manufactures, submitting and tracking of materials, and separation of materials in dumpsters.

This facility runs 24 hours, 7 days a week. The team was in constant communication with the client to ensure no interruptions were caused to testing and access to the area.

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