Leadership, Legacy, and Looking Forward at Wellesley College

SCUP invites you to a one-day symposium, “Leadership, Legacy, and Looking Forward at Wellesley College,” on October 9 at Wellesley College.

“As Wellesley College faces the future and reimagines how we teach and learn, how we forge new interdisciplinary connections that transcend traditional boundaries, and how we strengthen the bonds between Wellesley and the world, it is imperative that our campus enables our ambitions for the 21st-century liberal arts.” – President H. Kim Bottomly.

Using Wellesley College, wellspring of “the most powerful woman’s network in the world,” as the focus of this symposium, college community members will share the college’s core beliefs and how they affect planning, curriculum, student life, and resources. The discussion will incorporate questions and answers about admissions, financial viability, alumnae allegiance and support, and continued relevance into the future.

Nearly 500 acres of woodland, open meadow, lakefront, winding pedestrian paths, and breathtaking view sheds come first in the planning for a campus composed of remarkable buildings from every era in architecture over the past 135 years. Landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted Jr. described Wellesley’s landscape in 1902 as “not merely beautiful, but with a marked individual character not represented so far as I know on the ground of any other college in the country.”

“Wellesley 2025, A Plan for Campus Renewal” is a major, multiyear first phase in a multidecade vision to renew and reinvigorate Wellesley’s iconic and essential campus buildings. The projects incorporated in the plan will support our academic enterprise, the residential experience, and wellness and recreational programs at Wellesley. This exciting project will transform our living and learning environment. And it will do so without degrading the look and character of our beautiful campus.

Each generation at Wellesley has accepted the great responsibility of stewarding our lovely campus.

Come join us to learn more about the historic past and the dynamic future of Wellesley College.