LBC Boston Fundraiser Supports People of Ukraine

Sunflower for Peace volunteers

Quincy, MA – Margarita Kvacheva, CEO of LBC Boston, announced she has raised over $56,000 for Sunflower of Peace to support Ukrainian citizens affected by the war. Temple B’nai Moshe matched the first $20,000 of donations from the fundraiser.

LBC Boston organized an auction to raise funds for Sunflower for Peace to support Ukrainian citizens affected by the war.

“We employ both Ukrainian and Russian employees and want to show our support for not only our employees, but their friends and family in Ukraine. I do not support what Russia is doing and decided to raise money for Sunflower of Peace as they know how to get the help to where it is most needed,” said Kvacheva. “Many of our partners and vendors have contributed to our fundraiser, and we thank everyone for their generous donations. Every little bit helps and we hope to continue to raise money to help people in Ukraine.”

First aid kit

Sunflower of Peace Foundation is a Boston-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Its current mission is to support the people of Ukraine affected by the Russian military invasion. It is collaborating with a global network of established organizations and institutions to provide medical and humanitarian aid that will be used by the paramedics and doctors in the areas that are affected by the violence in Ukraine. The organization is acquiring and distributing first-aid backpacks, medicine, medical instruments, and other means of survival.

To donate, visit the LBC Boston GoFundMe page.