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KBE Moves Iconic Building


Moving the creamery building

Groton, CT – KBE Building Corporation lifted and re-situated an iconic Groton building known as the Thames Creamery recently. The building was safely placed 60 feet from its previous location to accommodate the expansion of Thames Edge at Fairview, The Odd Fellows Home of Connecticut, a senior living community.

The Thames Creamery has been an age-old fixture in Groton, serving as a community landmark and the go-to ice cream shop for local residents.

“We wanted to make sure we could preserve the creamery building during the expansion process,” stated Mike Kolakowski, president and principal owner of KBE.  “That’s why we took every possible care to make the move as safe as possible – even though the total distance was only about 60 feet.”

The space previously occupied by the Thames Creamery will now host a service road leading to the Thames Edge at Fairview senior living community expansions being built by KBE. The expansion effort is ongoing; phase one includes the addition of 23 residential units and a clubhouse, and phase two will include the addition of 11 more units.