Kaplan Completes Medical Ctr. Facility


Tufts Medical Center Primary Care

Quincy, MA Kaplan Construction of Boston has completed work on a new 15,000sf, $1.5 million Tufts Medical Center building in Quincy.

Located in Crown Colony Park, the new building will house Tufts Medical Center Primary Care – Quincy. The practice will offer comprehensive primary care with individualized diagnosis and treatment plans to patients in the Quincy area, thereby providing easy access to Tufts Medical Center’s skilled doctors and world-class care in a community setting. The new practice will also work closely with a wide range of top specialists at Tufts Medical Center, to ensure a fast and seamless process for patients who need to be referred or transferred for follow-up care. Working on an accelerated summer schedule, Kaplan converted the building into patient-centered offices for up to 12 physicians.

Lavallee Brensinger Architects provided the interior architecture and healthcare design services for the fit-out.

The building is divided into quadrants, each with exam rooms clustered around a centrally-located team room where doctors, nurses, and other support staff can meet to collaborate on patient care.