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Joe Flynn on 2014 as MBC President


Joe Flynn

To contribute to our 2014 Year In Review focus, we asked Joe Flynn, Allsteel, Inc., to share his insight as outgoing president of Massachusetts Building Congress 2013-2014.
HP: What was your takeaway as MBC president?
JF: It was very gratifying professionally. I got to work with many folks in leadership positions at many of the area’s architectural, engineering, and construction companies. Whenever we met to discuss future programs and events, the theme was always “Will the members profit from attending? Will this program help create opportunities for our members?” The constant focus on our members’ benefits was a great learning experience for me.
HP: Was this a growth year for MBC?
JF: It certainly was. Our attendance was up sharply over recent years. This is attributable to our program committee and their successful efforts to continually present market leaders as our speakers. We accomplished this all year. Two groups within the MBC, the Emerging Leaders Group and the 20|30 Club, held multiple events this year, some educational, some networking/social, and they enjoyed a great increase in participation, and the Women’s Network had a series of successful events, two of which had 100+ attendees. Both groups awarded their own scholarships this year at our annual dinner.
HP: In what areas were you able to see MBC expand?
JF: The 20|30 Club and the Women’s Network are our immediate growth groups. We would like the congress to create opportunities for more members to get more involved, and to have them represented in leadership roles. Collaborating with other organizations may also be part of our future growth.
HP: The monthly events appeared to be successful and on schedule; were there any surprises?
JF: All the stars were aligned regarding the new mayor. Many of us reached out to Mayor Walsh within hours of his election, and we were very fortunate to have him address us in March. The mayor, Peter Abair from MassBio, Secretary of Transportation Richard Davey, and Boston Economic Development Director John Barros all spoke to us during different events, and they all made mention of the emerging Red Line Bio-Corridor, from Braintree to Somerville. It was surprising that the idea of a regional biocluster is on so many different agendas.
HP: What would you say to someone considering volunteering for MBC BOD, and what made volunteering worthwhile for you?
JF: There is no better way to get you and your company better known in the A/E/C industry than being a member in the Massachusetts Building Congress, and no better way to become more informed and ready to do business than to be an active member. Some time ago, I was looking for an organization that fostered camaraderie and professional development and could help my business. I found all three with the MBC, especially being part of the leadership team for the past number of years.
Joe Flynn is New England business development manager for Allsteel Inc., a leading workplace furniture manufacturer with resource centers in Boston, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, New York, San Francisco, Santa Monica, Washington, D.C., and Toronto, Canada.