JM Coull Completes ADP Upgrades

ADP Marlborough

ADP Marlborough Office Interior

Marlborough, MA – JM Coull recently completed upgrades and reconfiguration of ADP’s office in Marlborough in support of the company’s consolidation efforts.  ADP, a payroll services company, sought to reduce its existing 78,000sf footprint to approximately 58,000sf, “giving back” 20,000sf of underused space to the building’s owner.

JMC upgraded finishes in the 58,000sf facility, demolished an existing auditorium for conversion into cubicles, and retrofitted the mechanical, fire protection, and electrical systems. Additional egress was provided by removing an existing window and installing a new door and exterior stairs at the building’s new meeting room. JMC performed the $800,000 project in six phases, providing swing space for employee relocation during construction activities.