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Jewett Continues Tradition of Giving Back

Craig & Alison Jewett2

Craig & Alison Jewett2

Raymond, NH – Craig and Alison Jewett of Portsmouth recently made a generous contribution to Historic New England, a Boston-based cultural history museum dedicated to preserving and presenting New England heritage. Longtime supporters and collectors of the region’s history and related arts, the Jewetts and their Raymond, N.H.-based firm, Jewett Construction Company, Inc., feel a longstanding dedication to ensuring the survival of culturally significant historical artifacts.

“We’re passionate about preserving the art and architecture of the past,” says Jewett, the firm’s president. “It’s important to us to help make sure that the history of this region survives for future generations to appreciate.”

Jewett has made his passion for preserving the past part of his company’s corporate culture, as well. JCCI contributed materials and labor toward the renovation of the main collections storage building at Old Sturbridge Village in Sturbridge, Mass — home to more than 50,000 early New England antiques — and donated labor for upgrades to Southern District YMCA’s historic Camp Lincoln in Kingston, N.H.

“An important part of our company’s vision involves giving back to the communities in which we work,” says Jewett, who encourages employees to volunteer during work hours at organizations holding personal meaning for them, including a recent stint at New Horizons for New Hampshire — a leading advocate for the homeless based in Manchester — and the upcoming March of Dimes-Seacoast March for Babies Walk. “The simple fact is, if you’re smart enough and lucky enough to do well in life, you have an obligation to do your part.”