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JC&A Celebrates 20 Years

CEO Jay Calnan addresses over 700 people at JC&A’s All-Time Top 20 Anniversary Celebration.

Quincy, MA – In 1996, Jay Calnan cashed in his 401K to quietly launch J. Calnan & Associates. He helped build the organization from the ground up while never losing sight of who he is and the importance of always giving back.

The past 20 years has seen some of the most successful projects in the history of the region. JC&A kicked off the business with a prestigious Bank Boston renovation. Following were projects for clients such as Adidas, Boston Properties, The MathWorks, The TJX Companies, iRobot, Schneider Electric, and countless corporate, academic, healthcare and science & technology facilities. However, it’s the New England Sports Network (NESN) project that the team recalls as one of the “highest risk” yet ultimately most rewarding scenarios.  As the deadline approached for completion of their new facility, JC&A dealt with the chilling reality of no NESN on the air if the project finished late. In the New England market, this wouldn’t fly. The result was one of JC&A’s biggest victories and a stunning transformation of studio space for the legendary sports network

JC&A’s launch and success is the story of a bold entrepreneur. But also paramount to the success story are the 100 compassionate, hardworking professionals who make the company the best in the business. It started with Barry Ledin, now General Superintendent. A stellar core group of partners was also assembled in Jim Cahill, President; Mike Crowther, Chief Operating Officer; Tim Kelly, Chief Financial Officer; and Steve Robak, Executive Vice President.   And with a foundation of hard work, perseverance and sound decision-making, they assembled a winning roster recruited for their level of professionalism and history of hard work, integrity and unselfish teamwork.


As Pulitzer Prize winning author David McCullough said, “No one is, or is ever self-made.  We are all what we are in large degree because of others who have helped, coached, taught, counseled, who set a standard by example, who’ve taken an interest in our interests, opened doors, opened our minds, helped us see, who gave us encouragement when we needed it, who reprimanded or prodded when we needed it, and at critical moments, inspired.”

Jay Calnan understands that in a business as competitive and nuanced as construction management, true success requires a village – literally – to take shape. His gift for inspiring and connecting with those around him set the standard for collaboration – a hallmark of JC&A’s magic in fostering cooperation among project stakeholders, often with very different priorities or challenges. This commitment to collaboration has consistently been reciprocated by all impacted by JC&A, from architects & designers, to brokers and building owners, to property and project management firms, to engineers and subcontractors, to clients and partners and to the communities in which we work and live. For everyone, JC&A is grateful.In addition to being honored as a Top 50 Fastest Growing Company in the Boston Business Journal, the BBJ has also consistently named the firm a Top Corporate Philanthropist. In 2011, building on Calnan and his team’s compassion for the community, the company launched Team IMPACT, a non-profit with the mission of improving the quality of life for children facing life-threatening and chronic illnesses through the power of team. Since inception, Team IMPACT has facilitated over 1,000 matches at more than 450 colleges & universities in 45 states across the country!  Ask any member of the JC&A team which recognition best reflects the essence of the corporate culture and you’ll hear the latter, without fail.

“Philanthropy is a part of our culture at JC&A. Our team has a keen understanding of how much help we have received from our community since our inception in 1996. We have successfully grown from a start-up company to an industry leader and are extremely cognizant of how instrumental our community has been in helping us to realize JC&A’s goals. Our community continues to inspire us every day to be the very best, and we feel strongly that it is our obligation to return that support in every way we can.” – Jay, Calnan, CEO.

After 20 years of amazing projects, continuous growth and a commitment to giving back,  JC&A is still just getting started. And most important in the reflection of two great decades is the gratitude for all who participated, enabled, mentored, challenged and motivated the firm along the way. JC&A is proud to build much more than commercial spaces— the projects that fuel commerce. Equally important are the people and relationships JC&A builds through its wholistic mission.

JC&A is known for its ‘We Build’ philosophy, referring to the building of great teams, award- winning projects, lasting relationships and our community.  In reflecting on 20 years of success, ‘We build with gratitude’ is the JC&A way of giving thanks to all those who have been a part of the journey.

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