Interview with MBC 2015 President Dan Perruzzi

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Dan Perruzzi

Dan Perruzzi

High-Profile interviewed Dan Perruzzi Jr., Massachusetts Building Congress (MBC) 2014-2015 president, to help provide insight into the workings of this popular AEC industry association.

High-Profile: Who are this year’s inductees into the MBC Hall of Fame? Can you tell us about the gala?

Dan Perruzzi: We are honoring two new inductees this year: The University of Massachusetts Building Authority (UMBA) and Skanska USA. The MBC this year wanted to illustrate the breadth of our membership. We felt we could best demonstrate this by honoring an outstanding public authority and a forward-thinking private developer. Both are helping to transform this city with inventive new projects. We also have a wonderful keynote speaker, Kara Miller, host of WGBH’s Innovation Hub. The dinner will be on September 17 at the Westin Waterfront Hotel.

HP: Besides the gala, what events are most popular and who should attend?

D.Perruzzi: The MBC is all about representing our eight constituencies — contractor, builder, owner, architect, engineer, supplier, producer, and labor. We work very hard to produce events that will appeal to as many of these groups as possible. The events that are most popular are, not surprisingly, those that feature the institutions from which exciting new opportunities will come. Some of our most popular events of the last year have been the discussions by Carole Gladstone of DCAMM, Katie Lapp from Harvard University, and the now unfortunately defunct Olympics bid. Anyone who wants to hear about the next wave of opportunities or just wants to connect with leaders from our constituent groups should attend our events.

HP: How are the speakers for your breakfast meetings selected?

D.Perruzzi: We have a panel that solicits ideas from members and provides their own thoughts on what they see happening in the industries represented by the MBC. Each of these panel members is a leader in his or her industry. They have a keen sense of what our members want in new programs. We also extensively review past programs to determine what worked and where we can improve. We are also always looking for input from our membership. The MBC is a member-driven organization. Input from our members is critical to enhancing the relevancy of our programs and the MBC itself.

HP: Will we see more from the MBC Women’s Network and 20|30 Club this year?

D.Perruzzi: Without question, yes. These groups are really thriving thanks in part to co-chairs Sara Bryant and Diana Nicklaus for The Women’s Network, and co-chairs Michele Blair and John Park for the 20/30 Club. Each will continue to grow, and we will all begin to see that each group will have a growing impact on the demographics, leadership, and direction of the MBC. I’m very excited about the future of these two groups.

HP: Describe MBC for those interested in becoming members.

DP: The MBC is an organization representing all of the building industry stakeholders. Membership aligns you with the best minds and leaders in the industry.


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