How to Implement Social Distancing Practices in Your Workplace

National – Creative Safety Supply, an Oregon-based retailer of industrial safety and Lean manufacturing products, has created a new guide to social distancing in the workplace.

This quick guide showcases essential distancing supplies and illustrates steps to take to incorporate the concept of social distancing in your facility.

Also known as “physical distancing,” social distancing is the practice of staying six feet away from other people and avoiding person-to-person contact in order to prevent the spread of respiratory illness.

Along with other guidelines, the CDC has established six feet as the standard safe distance due to the fact that this is how far respiratory droplets can travel when someone sneezes or coughs.

It is also important to avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth and wash your hands after coming into contact with communal surfaces, as viruses can exist on a variety of surfaces for several hours and even days at a time.

To incorporate these practices at work, it helps to establish visual reminders and markings to indicate how workers and customers can comply. Products such as floor tape, floor signs, and wall signs provide essential reminders and examples.

Floor tape shapes such as dots and footprints are extremely helpful in showing customers where to stand in line, or employees where to conduct their work, six feet apart. Lines of floor tape establish clear pathways and can provide essential messaging. Wall signs that remind people to wash their hands and keep their distance are also great tools to encourage mindful social distancing.

Using a combination of floor marking and visual communication can help your workers and your customers practice distancing in order to reduce the likelihood of contracting a respiratory illness.

Creative Safety Supply’s downloadable quick guide shows you how you can implement social distancing in your business by providing helpful tools and steps.

As an essential business, Creative Safety Supply continues to support the safety and wellness of workers. On top of its social distancing tools and Lean healthcare products, the company offers a variety of resources to help businesses maintain a clean and successful facility.