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How to Create a Branded PowerPoint Template Without Losing Your Mind

This article originally appeared on SMPS Boston’s website.

by Vanessa Schaefer

Adding Brand Colors to PPT

We’ve all been there…spending way too long trying to use a default PowerPoint template for a presentation for your firm, but the colors aren’t quite right and you can’t seem to get it to look polished or on-brand.

Watch and Learn

Follow along with Bonnie Kittle’s video tutorial here to find out how to customize your PowerPoint to match your firms’ brand colors. The video is just over five minutes but will save you significantly more time, eliminating the hours it takes to manually change the colors on every slide as you create your next PPT presentation. Check it out!

See Branded PPT Example

To see a few examples of branded PowerPoint templates we have created for our clients, please click here.

Vanessa Schaefer is the president and creative director at Clockwork Design Group.