Health Care Response to COVID-19 Aided By Emergency Rental Equipment

Rental air scrubbers for temporary healthcare tent

by Erin Welch

As we all know too well by now, hospital emergency departments are seeing a mass influx of patients with COVID-19 symptoms and concerns, in addition to their regular patient traffic for conditions unrelated to the virus. To mitigate the spread of the virus, accommodate increased capacity, and maintain the wellness of their staff members, hospitals are having to innovate and adapt to new conditions. It comes as no surprise to see our health care professionals responding brilliantly, implementing new protocols and infection control measures daily, sometimes hourly.  As the virus cases increase exponentially, we see more and more hospitals setting up temporary facilities; tents outside, serving as emergency triage rooms, isolation areas, and dedicated testing sites.


Rental heat and power for temporary healthcare facility

To maintain an environment suitable for medical treatment, these tents require temporary equipment such as power generators, negative air machines with HEPA filtration, and heaters, delivered in a moment’s notice, of course. Negative air machines with HEPA filtration, sometimes referred to as “air scrubbers,” are being utilized throughout hospitals, assisted living, and skilled nursing facilities as well. These machines can be used simply as air filters, or to manipulate air flow in a space. Depending on the contents or occupants of a space, hospitals use negative and positive pressure to control the path of airborne contaminants and pathogens, to or from that space.

Hospitals have sophisticated systems for managing and monitoring air quality and pressure, but to bolster a building’s capability for containing an airborne virus, it helps to have a rental equipment partnership established in advance. Having critical at-hand resources established in advance of a public health crisis, such as an approved-vendor agreement with a temporary HVAC rental equipment partner, enables rapid mobilization of critical equipment. Being a resource for our health care partners has been an honor for our staff during this serious emergency. Mobile Air & Power Rentals continues operations 24/7, to deliver temporary rental equipment to critical customers, replenish inventory, and help our health care heroes combat this pandemic.


Erin Welch

Erin Welch is a regional sales manager at Mobile Air.