Haynes Group, Joe the Architect Complete Bedford Restaurant

Eva's Little Kitchen

Bedford, MA – Haynes Group and Joe the Architect (JtA) recently completed a 2,620sf boutique meal delivery and takeout restaurant for Eva’s Little Kitchen in Bedford.

Founded by proprietor and culinary creative, Eva Badra, the business started as a meal delivery service. The company’s new physical location was designed by Joe the Architect, and the Haynes Group brought the design to life.

“Eva’s Little Kitchen was especially unique because we had to combine a big, very functional, very operationally important kitchen with an inviting, customer-facing cafe space. That juxtaposition is pretty stark, but we were excited at the chance to marry the two together,” said Chris Milne, creative director at JtA. “My favorite part of this project was helping Eva fulfill a lifelong dream to create a kitchen and space that she can call her own. She works incredibly hard and has worked hard to get to this point, so we wanted to make sure we delivered on that hard work.”

“Our first job is to listen to our client’s vision, from there it’s important to have a good team,” said Jeff Benevides, project executive at Haynes Group. “We had a solid team and that’s what made this project so great. Working with Joe the Architect and Eva through the challenges of the project and finding solutions wouldn’t have been so smooth otherwise.”