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Harvard’s Pagliuca Life Lab Gets Top Honors

Pagliuca Life Lab

Littleton, MA – Triumph Modular Incorporated, and manufacturing partner NRB Inc., were awarded First Place, as well as the prestigious Best of Show, in the permanent modular category for the Pagliuca Life Lab at Harvard University at the 2017 Modular Building Institute Awards of Distinction.

The awards were presented at the 34th Annual World of Modular Awards of Distinction in Tucson, AZ.

Harvard University engaged design firm Shepley Bulfinch and modular specialist Triumph Modular in preconstruction, as well as called on NRB and Shawmut Design & Construction to join the team in a deep collaborative effort to coordinate, design, and build the 15,000sf wet lab. The Pagliuca Life Lab is made up of 33 modules, which were built off site by NRB using the latest practices in modular construction, which includes concurrent activities on and off the project site.

The lab incorporates highly complex systems and equipment required for advanced life sciences research within a wet lab facility. The first floor is designed in an open format with work tables, seating, shared conference rooms, and a kitchen to encourage cross-team collaboration. The second floor includes 36 lab benches equipped with compressed air and vacuum lines, chemical waste system, a self-contained walk-in environmental room, tissue culture rooms, and fume hoods.