Hartford Hosts AIA Acoustic Symposium

Hartford, CT – The University of Hartford hosted the AIA Acoustic Symposium on Nov. 6, where experts exchanged ideas about architectural acoustic solutions.

The full day program showcased solutions and innovations needed to overcome new challenges in today’s designs. The audience consisted of architects who specialized in designing private residences, healthcare institutions and education facilities.

Three experts were invited to speak, including Steve Haas, CEO and principal consultant of SH Acoustics. Haas focused on significant considerations, challenges and solutions to common home acoustic problems. Mainly, he noted the importance of asking the homeowner relevant questions as they pertain to the design performance of the home in the initial stages.

“Spaces that have been engineered and designed with the proper acoustics can make a huge difference in people’s daily lives and improve their health and wellness,” Haas suggests. “Everyone wants a healthier home, and the right acoustics can create the peaceful, serene environment that people crave.”