GTC Construction: A Company Profile

Editor’s Note: Below are excerpts from an interview with Jonathan Keevers, president of GTC Construction.

Jonathan Keevers

HP: Provide a description of the company and the products and services it provides.

JK: At GTC, we provide construction management and general construction services. We are in Massachusetts and have jobsites in New Hampshire, Maine, and Rhode Island. At GTC, we realize that these construction projects represent our individual clients and their values in a unique way. We are here to make sure those qualities are expressed in the finished projects.

HP: Are you up for any awards?

JK: Boston Business Journal Award. Last year, 2016, we made the second fastest growing business. This year we are up again but it has not been announced what spot we won. ​

HP: What major factors have contributed to your company’s growth?

JK: I never give up. Even if there seems to be challenges and roadblocks that would prevent a project from moving forward, I find a way to make it work. I’m personally involved in every project, from the bid of the project right through the completion. I recognize the importance of a cohesive, collaborative effort and value what each member of that project team contributes.

HP: Do you seek out jobs that you know have a greater purpose in community change?

JK: As we endeavor to move forward in the private sector, we continually keep alert for projects that will have a positive impact on the community. There are many local developers and organizations planning projects that benefit families, that are promoting healthy environments for the aging community, and creating outstanding facilities that provide activities for our youth, to mention just a few. At GTC, we are pleased to be part of the community and human connection that these projects bring to the area.

HP: Do you have any expert advice you would like to offer other companies, maybe ones that are just starting out?

JK: Personally, I have found that I need to continually look at different avenues and push the normal limits by looking for solutions outside the box to challenges. I would advise young companies to get advice from the right people. To utilize your resources: your lawyer, your CPA, and your upper-level management. Use these people as a sounding board, and value their feedback. Finally, most importantly, don’t be stubborn; if the answer to a problem is not what you thought it should be or would be, be open to their suggestions.