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Group One Partners, Haynes Group Transform Brookline Hotel

Arcadian Hotel

Brookline, MA – The Arcadian Hotel, formerly known as a Holiday Inn and the Inn at Brookline, recently opened at 1200 Beacon St. in Brookline.

Sharing the same goal to create something transformative, Group One Partners, Inc. and Haynes Group worked closely to bring the Arcadian Hotel to life. The reimagined 56,800sf hotel features 230 guest rooms and bathrooms, 75 guest bathrooms, a lobby, atrium, and bar.

The property blends mid-century and modern designs, from the muted neutrals with pops of color in the public spaces to the lighting and wood features of the lobby bar. Representatives of Haynes Group say the designs were inspired by the historic tree-lined streets and parks designed by Frederick Law Olmstead, and the well-traveled, innovative residents that Brookline is known for.

Group One Partners led the project’s vision and design direction. “The re-imagination of the existing hotel into what is now the Arcadian was a true labor of love. Working closely with the town of Brookline, the several year permitting effort along with the thoughtful design direction rooted in the history of Brookline created a true sense of place in what was once a nondescript facade along Beacon Street,” noted Principal Harry Wheeler, AIA.

The firms worked together to ensure that each phase was completed as seamlessly as possible, from detailed timelines to anticipating and overcoming challenges unique to this type of renovation project.

“The public space required a detailed schedule as we were required to install materials at the 60 foot atrium ceilings prior to all flooring finishes,” said Angela Atwood, project manager at Haynes Group. “I think typically, the most challenging part of a hotel renovation is the operational logistics around paying guests. We want to maintain an enjoyable experience throughout our project cycle, as well as their stay.”

“Our projects are connected by the desire to enhance the lives of people and the community,” said Patrick Andrews, senior vice president of hospitality at Haynes Group. “We approach each project with one goal in mind, understanding the client’s vision so we can effectively bring it to life.”