GRLA Completes School Roof Restoration

Madeleine Duggar Andrews School

Medford, MA – Gorman Richardson Lewis Architects (GRLA) recently completed the restoration of the roof system at the Madeleine Dugger Andrews Middle School in Medford.

While the City of Medford was preparing to install a roof mounted photovoltaic system on the existing 17 year old EPDM roof, it had two choices to extend the life of the roof –  complete replacement or restoration using a fluid applied roof system.

While the existing roof had some remaining service life, it would not match the expected life of the new photovoltaic system. After careful consideration, restoration was selected given several benefits including its sustainable approach that allowed for the reuse of the existing dry insulation, resulting in a significant cost savings over a traditional complete roof replacement down to the structural deck. Minimal removal of existing components reduced noise impacts and the use of a low VOC product were additional benefits of this method to improve system performance and reduce disruption to building occupants.

GRLA prepared construction documents, coordinated the public bidding process, and provided construction administration services, while keeping the project on time and within budget. Installation was performed by Corolla Roofing using the LiquiTec waterproofing system manufactured by The Garland Company.