Griffin Offers New Educational Opportunity

The teams from Wayne J. Griffin Electric, Inc. and Wentworth Institute of Technology held an information session for potential students to officially kick off the program.

Holliston, MA – Wayne J. Griffin Electric, Inc.  recently announced its partnership with Wentworth Institute of Technology to offer graduates of its in-house Apprenticeship Training Program the opportunity to pursue an associate of applied science degree in engineering and technology (AENT).

With the goal of giving students the best in education and training, Griffin Electric and Wentworth have developed a program that will incorporate technical skills and hands-on, practical education for future leaders within the electrical industry.

For both Wentworth and Griffin Electric, this partnership presents a rewarding opportunity to share curriculum, deliver in-house training to Griffin employees, and assist them in the goal of pursuing a higher education. Eligible men and women who have completed Griffin’s program and achieved licensure will be awarded college credits towards an associate’s degree at Wentworth.

Griffin Electric employees enrolled in the AENT program will also be granted access to Wentworth’s resources as registered students, providing them an additional avenue through which to further their professional development and work towards achieving their education and career goals.

For 25 years, apprenticeship training and professional development for employees have been at the core of Griffin Electric’s mission. The company has operated its own in-house accredited Apprenticeship Training Program consisting of 600 hours of classroom instruction, coupled with 8,000 hours of on-the-job field experience for its electrical and telecommunications students. At the conclusion of this intensive four-year program, apprentices are prepared to test for their license and attain full credentials to work as electricians on projects within varying industries throughout New England and the Southeast.

Wentworth has introduced new undergraduate and graduate programs to support the needs of students and shifts in the trade industries. Identifying and creating new opportunities for learning is a long-standing priority of the institution and encourages collaboration across disciplines.