Green Standards Benefits New England Nonprofits

Operation ABLE received new office furnishings courtesy of PNC Financials and Green Standards, helping them upgrade their Massachusetts facility.

Toronto – Green Standards, headquartered in Toronto and sustainably managing the resale, recycling, and donation of office furniture and equipment across the globe, has developed a circular-economy inspired office solution that addresses the issue of “F-waste,” or furniture waste. Due to the recent confluence of events, the already serious issue of F-waste is intensifying, and leaves tons of unused office furniture facing the prospect of being tossed into landfills as more offices close, consolidate, or relocate. This costs companies millions and harms the environment in the process.

Green Standards works with many organizations, including a variety of Fortune 100 companies across the globe, helping to responsibly redistribute no-longer-needed surplus office furniture and equipment. Those materials are donated, resold, or recycled, making it simple and cost-effective to clear out workspaces and do some good for the community.

To date Green Standards has overseen the diversion of 75,000 tons (165 million pounds) of waste from landfills, and donated over $32 million in surplus assets to over 5,500 non-profits. The over 75,000 tons diverted equals more than 184,000 metric tons of CO2e emissions reduced with a 98.6% landfill diversion rate on more than 1,500 projects.

Several of the recent nonprofit donation recipients are based in Massachusetts: Operation ABLE of Greater Boston, Succeed Boston at the Counseling & Intervention Center, and the Pioneer Charter School of Science II, all from an office decommission from PNC Financial facilitated by Green Standards.

A donation of office furnishings for Operation ABLE is helping them to focus their resources and continue to provide their students the training they need to get back into the workforce. The classrooms at Pioneer Charter School of Science II have also been upgraded thanks to an in-kind donation of lightly used, valuable office furniture. The donation of furniture through Green Standards allowed Succeed Boston at the Counseling and Intervention Center to furnish three offices, two classrooms and a conference room, allowing other resources to be placed into technology and other tools.

Nonprofits throughout New England will continue to benefit from these donations, as Green Standards continues to decommission offices in the region and throughout the world.

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