GMGI Celebrates Grand Opening

GMGI building

Gloucester, MA – Gloucester Marine Genomics Institute (GMGI) held ribbon-cutting ceremonies recently at the grand opening of its new world-class, state-of-the-art research institute in Gloucester’s inner harbor.

The development of this research institute and the move to 417 Main Street have been made possible by a $2.7 million capital grant from the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center.





GMGI interiors

GMGI is focused on the future by applying innovative genomic technologies tomarine science for discoveries that impact sustainable fishing and fisheries and human health. The new facilities include state-of-the-art lab equipment and research labs, including a tank room that is home to 18 aquaria with complicated thermal controls and plumbing to provide ocean water to living species.

GMGI was founded in 2013 by three entrepreneurial scientists with legendary experience in genomics and biomedicine — David Walt, Greg Verdine, and Marc Vidal — along with local businesswoman Sheree Zizik. Today, GMGI is led and backed by leaders with decades of experience in genomics, biomedical research, pharmaceuticals, and industry.


GMGI interiors

The overarching mission of GMGI is ambitious but simple: to catalyze the local economy by bringing science to Cape Ann in a meaningful way. The founders identified three strategies to accomplish the mission: Establish a world-class marine biotechnology research institute whose work is powered by the scientific field of genomics; develop a local biotechnology workforce through a vibrant science learning environment; and promote the conditions that encourage the development of a science community on Cape Ann.

Core team for design and construction:

Owner of building: Back Shore, LLC
Construction company: Windover Construction
Construction manager: Marc Moschella, Windover
Director of project development: Peter Gourdeau, Windover
Architect: Greg McIntosh, LINCOLN Architects
Tank room architect/Engineer: Richard E Galat, TAG Engineering
Custom Case Work: New England Lab
Laboratory planning, and design: Payette

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