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Getting Back to Normal Safely

Submitted by Alpine Environmental

Chelmsford, MA – The COVID-19 pandemic has created widespread and considerable challenges for individuals, communities, and businesses. As the economy begins to open back up and people return to work, steps can be taken to minimize the risk of a spike and ease employees’ fears.

Providing sanitation areas around the office, spreading out workspaces, and regular cleaning and disinfecting of office buildings, stores, and other places where increased traffic is expected are all important to a safe return.

However, a brief wipe-down of surfaces is not enough to eliminate the virus. EPA-approved disinfectants must be used to thoroughly coat surfaces and allowed to sit for one to 10 minutes (depending on the actual disinfectant) to actually kill any existing virus.

Many businesses are turning to professionals to carry out the extensive and systematic disinfecting necessary to clean office buildings, especially high touch surfaces or objects.

Fortunately, environmental abatement contractors are well-equipped for the service already. After abatement of hazardous materials such as lead or asbestos, crews must clean work areas to the same level as is necessary for virus disinfection. Additionally, the same personal protection equipment (PPE) used for abatement is key to minimizing the risk of exposure to viruses as well.

Along with many other environmental abatement contractors across the country, Alpine Environmental has been offering this cleaning and disinfecting service since the beginning of the pandemic. It will continue to provide this service in addition to its regular lead paint, asbestos, and mold abatement going forward.

To learn more about proper disinfecting or to contact them about this service, visit the website.