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Finegold Alexander to Plan and Design BU ‘Castle’ Renovation


The castle

Boston – Finegold Alexander Architects has been chosen to plan and design the renovation and refurbishment of the Boston University “Castle” at 225 Bay State Road.

The 14,700sf historic building, when complete, will serve as a vibrant new Alumni Center for BU’s 300,000-plus graduates.

The project is still in its planning phases but will likely include a small expansion to the lower level at the rear of the Castle to create a more accessible BU Pub.

Renovations will include a full-service commercial kitchen for events and functions, connections to the Center of Admissions on the upper floors to solve accessibility issues, updated building systems, and other improvements. The project hopes to begin construction in late 2016 to allow for funding and approvals to come into place.

The Castle — this year celebrating its 100th birthday — was completed in 1915 as a home for the family of industrialist William Lindsey. The property was donated to Boston University in 1939 and was used as the residence of BU’s presidents. Since 1967 it has been used mainly for official functions, weddings, and a myriad of university events. Currently the BU Pub, a private club for the BU Community, occupies the rear lower level.


“The primary goal of this project is to put alumni literally and figuratively at the heart of the Charles River campus. And in this spirit, the Castle will continue to be an iconic, high profile location for numerous alumni, faculty and student events,” said Steven A. Hall, Vice President for Alumni Relations at Boston University.

“We are honored to be chosen for this auspicious project in the heart of the BU Campus. Repositioning the iconic BU ‘Castle’ as an engaging Alumni Center is a unique opportunity,” said Rebecca Berry, Senior Associate at Finegold Alexander Architects.