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Favorite Five Tools for Achieving Your Goals

This article originally appeared on SMPS Boston’s website.

by Jenn Robertson

We’re almost a month into the new year – how is your New Year’s resolution going? Sometimes the goals that we set on Dec. 31 can start to seem pretty daunting by mid-January. The SMPS Boston Communications Committee is sharing our favorite tools to help you work at those goals well into 2022 and beyond!

  1. A good planner. Okay, I know that this is 2022, not 1995, and there are a million digital ways to keep yourself organized. That being said, there’s nothing like having a physical planner where you can doodle, scratch things out, and customize your notes in your own handwriting. A calendar on your phone is great, but so is having a record of important dates that will never run out of battery at an inopportune moment.  
  2. Trello. If you want to keep yourself organized in a more tech-savvy way, check out the Trello app. Trello can be used to manage anything from a complex project to your household chores. It’s a customizable way to organize your to-do lists, due dates, and any other planning details that you need to remember via digital boards. The app will send you notifications when it’s time to complete a particular task, so you never have to worry about forgetting.
  3. The NPR Life Kit Podcast. If you want some inspiration in podcast form, look no further. Life Kit has episodes about all aspects of life: parenting, money saving, creativity, mental health, and much more. Most episodes are between 10 and 25 minutes, so listening isn’t a major time investment. A little outside perspective might be just the thing you need to get motivated.
  4. Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance by Angela Duckworth. This book dives into what makes certain people so successful. Spoiler alert – it’s not talent! Angela Duckworth has spent years researching “grit” (in other words, passionate persistence) and how it leads to success. Through examples involving West Point cadets, teachers working in challenging school districts, professional athletes, and National Spelling Bee contestants, she shows that passion and perseverance are the common threads in the most high achieving individuals. Don’t have time to read the book, but still want to learn more? Watch her TED Talk!
  5. Realistic expectations. This may not seem like a “tool” at first glance, but a good mindset is crucial to success in trying something new, and realistic expectations are an important part of achieving that mindset. If you attempt to go from a novice baker to a contestant on The Great British Baking Show in a matter of weeks, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment. Breaking large goals into smaller increments can help avoid burnout and discouragement, which in turn raises the chances that you’ll complete your ultimate goal. This article from the Harvard Business review offers some small habits that can add up to big changes.

Best of luck in all of your goals, resolutions, and dreams for the year ahead!

Jenn Robertson is a marketing coordinator at Sasaki, member of the SMPS Boston Communications Committee, and the SMPS Boston blog manager.