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Favorite Five: Pieces of Advice for AEC Marketers

This article originally appeared on SMPS Boston’s website.

by Jenn Robertson

Oct. 27 is National Mentorship Day! To celebrate, the SMPS Boston Communications Committee is sharing advice that we’ve received from our mentors about working as marketers in the AEC industry.

  1. Overthinking the little things is not a productive use of time. For example, nitpicking every word and comma in everyday emails is pointless if all it does is cause you grief. Of course, you want to make sure you’re being clear, but if you’re sitting there agonizing over tiny details, sometimes you just need to hit send!
  2. Own your mistakes. They are bound to happen, but if you can be honest about your mistake, take ownership, and offer solutions, it shows that you truly care about your work and want your company to succeed. You’ll show that you care more about overall success than being perfect/right. Being vulnerable can be difficult but it allows others to accept your mistakes, move on, and maybe even encourages them to open up as well.
  3. During your annual review, ask your manager for one thing that they think you, personally, can focus and improve on. This can encourage a constructive response that feels achievable, rather than a list of tasks that compete for attention and importance. It also focuses on your own professional growth, rather than just your performance in that specific role.
  4. Take a break. Sometimes the pressure of deadlines can cause tunnel vision and unnecessary stress. In those moments, the best thing you can do for yourself is step away for a bit. If time allows, go for a walk or chat with a coworker, but even a quick lap around the office can be enough to clear your head. And once the deadlines pass, don’t forget to use that PTO!
  5. Join SMPS! Obviously, we all took this advice. Professional services marketing isn’t typically taught in traditional marketing programs, and some people don’t have a background in marketing at all. Joining a group that offers professional growth, networking opportunities, educational events, and a mentorship program can help you make the most of this career path.

Jenn Robertson is a marketing coordinator at Sasaki, member of the SMPS Boston Communications Committee, and the SMPS Boston blog manager.