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Favorite Five: AEC Industry Diversity Resources

This article originally appeared on SMPS Boston’s website.

by Jenn Robertson

Like many of its STEM counterparts, the AEC industry doesn’t have the strongest track record when it comes to diversity. Women, minorities, and members of the LGBTQ+ community are underrepresented across all professions in the industry, though many sources show an upward trend in employment of these groups in recent years.

Many AEC firms are beginning to acknowledge the historic lack of diversity and are taking steps toward accountability and progress. Below are five diversity resources for members of the architectural, engineering, and construction communities that can be of assistance as we work toward making our industry as inclusive and welcoming as possible:

  1. BSA Equity in Practice Resource Guide
  2. AIA Guides for Equitable Practice
  3. NAIOP Diversity Resource Center
  4. Builders of Color Coalition
  5. ACEC MA Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Resource Page

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Jenn Robertson is a marketing coordinator at Sasaki, member of the SMPS Boston Communications Committee, and the SMPS Boston blog manager.