Fast Track Masonry Restoration Project Completed

300 Shawmut Avenue

Boston, MA – Abbot recently completed a complete restoration of a four-story brick and stone townhouse-type condominium building owned by the Pine Street Inn at 300 Shawmut Avenue in Boston’s historic South End District. Initiated in Fall 2015, the project was “fast tracked” to assure completion before the onset of the cold winter weather.

The project consisted of a complete restoration of both front and rear elevations all the way from the ground level to the dormers at the roofline. The renovation included the following elements:

  • Brick cleaning
  • Cutting and repointing all of the mortar joints using specially formulated matching mortar to comply with the Architectural Commission’s regulations
  • Replacing the pre-cast stone headers and sills
  • Repairs to the front and rear dormers including new slate sidewalls and windows
  • New EPDM flat roof
  • New copper gutters and downspouts
  • Repairs to all deteriorated wood around the windows including the 2nd-floor bay window
  • Extensive brick work in the dental area below the gutter using bricks resourced by Abbot to match the originals

Abbot also replaced the windows in the dormer in the rear of the building and performed necessary carpentry work on the deteriorated wood surrounding these windows.  In addition, Abbot recladded the face of the dormers with standing seam copper.

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