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How can leaders best coach, encourage and communicate during these difficult times, especially as workers may be distracted, concerned and anxious due to the COVID-19 outbreak? In this webinar, Dr. Mike Comer will lead a panel of construction executives in a real-time brainstorming session to help leaders navigate through difficult times, coach their employees in unprecedented circumstances and keep the focus on business execution and strategy. The webinar will include a Q&A, so bring your business and employee-related issues to discuss.


Mike Comer has coached leaders in over 115 companies in 18 countries, helping leaders and teams be the best they can be. As a performance coach, his job is to listen and ask the right questions. Comer holds a doctorate in organizational behavior and is the president of The Hayes Group International Inc. a 44-year old leadership coaching firm that has helped more than 1,700 companies grow great leaders and teams. He is author of the book, “Start with Humility:  Lessons from America’s Quiet CEOs on how to Build Trust and Inspire Followers.”