Epoxy Terrazzo in Massachusetts Public Schools


Sustainability, LEED benefits, unlimited design capabilities, custom logos, and affordability: These are the main reasons why epoxy terrazzo has become the No. 1 choice for interior flooring designers working on Massachusetts schools over the last 5-10 years. Always a popular choice at private schools and local universities, it is now being used for some portion of almost every public school being designed or built in Massachusetts.

Cement terrazzo (which uses portland cement as the matrix) was used for years and, up until the 1980s, was considered as “standard terrazzo.”  The introduction of “VOC-friendly” epoxy resin as a matrix option has been a game changer in the terrazzo world. Epoxy terrazzo is now used almost exclusively in all terrazzo flooring in schools and many other high traffic interior flooring projects.

A decade ago, epoxy terrazzo was in the $50-$60/sq. ft. range. Today’s cost, with increased competition, is closer to $35/sq. ft. which includes all prep, material and installation. With epoxy terrazzo, there is no need to recess the slab. In addition, epoxy terrazzo has opened up a myriad of possibilities with design options and it is faster to install.

Custom logos, “theme” projects, and only being “limited by your imagination” in what you can create, has added to the popularity of epoxy terrazzo as a viable cost effective option. Being able to exactly match the floor color and mix design and incorporate that into any precast tread/riser/landings, bench seating, wall base or wall panels has expanded the design options for many school clients.

There are standard mix designs that give designers a starting point, but part of the allure of epoxy terrazzo is the ability to create a custom color and mix design that becomes unique to a specific project. It also has much better “adhesion promoters” built in which has opened up the possibility of adding premium aggregates like colored glass, mother of pearl, and silver coated glass. By using smaller percentages of the premium aggregates, it allows the designer and their clients to work into the budget different aggregate combinations.

So, when looking at your next school design, or any sustainable project where you want to “create something unique that will last,” take a look at all epoxy terrazzo can do for you and your client.

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