Environmental Firm Expands Offerings into Solar Energy Market

West Hartford, CT – Environmental Systems Corporation (ESC) announced that it has expanded its energy solutions capabilities to include solar power.

“We’ve seen increased interest in solar energy across the board,” says Jack Cunningham, director of energy solutions sales. “It used to be that when we went to see a customer, they wanted to talk about lighting and mechanical system upgrades. Now, the conversations almost always involve solar.”

Cunningham correlates this uptick in demand with the ambitious targets set by Connecticut and other New England states to decarbonize and reduce the use of fossil fuels.

“There have been some big changes in available financing options to help organizations adopt solar power to fund electric vehicle (EV) charging stations and related energy efficiency projects. And there’s been rapid improvement in the technology, so that today’s solar arrays produce way more power than those of even a few years ago,” says Cunningham.

ESC actively provides of energy efficiency and cost-saving equipment and services, including for solar projects, to municipalities and state agencies through the Connecticut Department of Administrative Services’ (DAS) Energy Efficiency Retrofits and Energy Cost-Saving Services for Existing Buildings contract (No. 18PSX0104).