Engineering Ventures Opens Schenectady Office

Michael Dussault

Schenectady, NY – Engineering Ventures, PC, with offices in Burlington, Vt., and Lebanon, N.H., recently announced they have opened a New York office at 414 Union Street in Schenectady.

The office will be headed by Michael Dussault, PE. He first joined Engineering Ventures in 2001 in the Burlington office.

He worked at GEPower in its facilities engineering group at the Schenectady Plant. He gained valuable industrial experience and also managed more than $50 million of construction projects for the GE Schenectady Campus, including offices, site infrastructure, shop improvements, and site enhancements.

Engineering Ventures, is based in Burlington, Vermont and has 30 employees in three offices.

The firm provides integrated structural and civil engineering and permitting services for site development, redevelopment, municipal, industrial, institutional, and historic preservation projects in the region. Engineering Ventures combines innovation, creativity, and practical implementation of design solutions with a commitment to sustainability that includes many LEED-certified projects. Engineering Ventures is committed to client involvement and satisfaction and prides itself on creative and cost-effective solutions to engineering problems.

The Schenectady office is part of Engineering Ventures, PC strategic growth plan in New York. After many years of providing civil and structural engineering services in the Capital District and surrounding areas, the office will allow the company to serve existing clients in the region and grow the practice.

“Schenectady is an important part of Engineering Ventures long range plan to continue to work with the best clients on the best projects in the Northeast region,” said Kevin Worden, Vice-President who grew up in Albany, New York.

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