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Elaine Promotes Five, Seeks New Avenues to Discovery and Learning

Submitted by Elaine Construction Company

As a certified woman-owned business, led by Lisa Wexler, president of Elaine Construction, we are committed to bringing visibility to the amazing opportunities that exist in this industry – for women, and all those that are interested in building a career in construction.

(l-r) Caroline Petrovick, Natalie Dove, Jackie Falla, Jenny Murphy, and Maria Ramirez

We take pride in the diversity of backgrounds the women at Elaine bring to our clients, which include architects, mechanical engineers, accountants, business management professionals, marketers, schedulers, developers and construction management professionals. The breadth of exposure, skill and experience make for a rich and dynamic vantage point from which to solve problems, make recommendations, and ultimately contribute to the best possible project outcomes.

Our culture of inclusion, coupled with our commitment to education, makes for an exciting and inviting workplace. Our expanding business has seen the promotion of five female operations team members in as many months.

Carolyn Petrovick was recently promoted to project executive.  Her time working for architects and owners has given her an expansive view of the needs associated with the distinct disciplines involved in delivery.

Natalie Dove, MEP project manager, was recently promoted bringing her skills as a mechanical engineer to bear on infrastructure projects and those with complex systems.

Erin Wasserman and Kim Newell were promoted to project manager bringing with them their respective backgrounds in the fields of architecture and building construction technology.

Rupi Kaur, estimating/diversity and outreach manager, brought her interest in D&I to a special subcontracting program, designed to not only increase our diverse supplier list, but to ensure success on urban projects, making her a natural fit for this advanced recognition.

Our team continues to seek new avenues for discovery and learning: Jenny Murphy, marketing director and Elaine Women’s Group co-chair, researches the marketplace, analyzes best in class programs, and seeks out partnership opportunities to advance the pace of learning and address issues of gender and inclusion.

“Our group has two primary goals: to reinforce a culture of belonging, and to empower women to become ambassadors for our industry. Whether you choose to work in an office or the field, the construction industry is dynamic and rewarding.  Together we can support the growth and advancement of women in construction,” said Jenny Murphy.

Our talented team is currently working on projects for MIT, Northeastern University, Wellesley College, Dean College, The Possible Project, GrubStreet, and Intersystems.  As a client-centric company, we are dedicated to building long-term relationships and serving our clients, our employees, and the building community.