Groundbreaking Up Front

Duxbury Project Breaks Ground

l-r: Town Manager René Read; DAHT Sheila Lynch-Bettina, Trustee; DAHT Diane Bartlett, Chair; Martine Taylor, SSHH executive director; Theodore J. (“Ted”) Flynn, Selectmen –Chair; Richard McGowan, SSHH director of operations; Noreen Browne, SSHH director of program Services; Ron Waite, SSHH construction manager; and Steve Marshall, SSHH Board of Directors

Duxbury, MA – South Shore Habitat for Humanity , which has delivered quality housing in partnership with families in need for the past 30 years, recently held a groundbreaking ceremony for a six-unit subdivision on Temple Street in Duxbury.

A new road named Feinberg Bog Road will allow access to the property which will sit on 2.91 acres that was formerly part of Camp Wing. The two bedroom townhomes will have approximately 1,200sf. Three of the townhomes will be low income homes and the other three will be moderate income homes.

Chairman of the Duxbury Board of Selectmen Theodore J. (“Ted”) Flynn, Duxbury Town Manager René Read, Duxbury Affordable Housing Trust Chair Diane Bartlett and Duxbury Affordable Housing Trustee Sheila Lynch-Bettina were all on hand for the groundbreaking.

The non-profit organization is also accepting in-kind service donations from those skilled in construction, driveway installation, septic, and roofing.



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